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Someone should tell Joe Biden that the Democratic party is not his dad’s old ride. The Democratic party of Kennedy is no longer visible in the rearview mirror.

After stunning back-to-back defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden is putting every egg he has in one last basket…South Carolina.

Realizing his looming defeat in New Hampshire, Biden loaded up and headed south to what he believes is friendly turf.

At a South Carolina kickoff rally on Wednesday morning, February 12, 2020, Joe decided to pander, calling his two blistering defeats, “Just the opening bell.” Then he pulled out the mega-pander…here it is from a tweet at iVoteSouthCarolina

Biden’s posturing as a winner won’t work with voters. The new socialist Democratic party has left him in the dust. He’s yesterday’s story. During his eight years as Barack Obama’s Vice President, the DNC slide left, decidedly. Biden’s lunch-bucket caricature is a campaign them DOA. Today’s progressives don’t give-a-hoot about the candidate’s roots, it’s a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately era. Many voters have no idea what a lunch box is!

Joe Biden is betting the political farm on South Carolina, hoping African-Americans and Latinos will bail him out. An odd strategy in light of the fact that President Trump has chipped away at the black community, making major inroads. Some estimates have Trump winning up to 30% of the African-Ameican vote, and he’s polling strongly with traditionally conservative, blue-collar Hispanics.

Biden has his eggs in one basket. Desperation is setting in and he needs an early win before Super Tuesday. My take? It won’t happen. He could easily lose South Carolina.

Two months prior to Joe Biden’s announcement that he would seek the DNC nomination for President, iVoteAmerica made a bold prediction that he would not succeed in this, his third quest to become President.

Allow me to clue  you in: Joe Biden’s basket of eggs has no bottom.

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