Donald Teel is the Founder and Editor of iVoteAmerica®. He has been an Arizona resident since 1960. He is a commercial real estate broker, private pilot, photographer and an avid reader of America's history.

Each of my candidate interviews brings me closer to the rationale behind the citizen-run nation the founders envisioned. In addition, I discover something new about life and what makes America a great nation. For example, my time with Lynz Piper-Loomis reminded me that life isn’t always easy, and the road we travel is divine, our destination intentional. All of us are shaped by unique experiences, sometimes terrible events.

In many ways, the life of Lynz Piper-Loomis has been forged in a crucible of fire. She knows the rough-and-tumble side of existence, including an automobile accident that instantly took her mother on impact and the temporary loss of her own life, an encounter with God, and a return to this world to fulfill her destiny.

That’s not all. After her mother’s death, Lynz was tossed about between family members, traveled the complex maze of foster care, and was victimized on a road that seemed to take her on a journey through hell itself. Parts of her story will remain confidential, buried in the recesses of her mind, but not forgotten.

What captured my attention during our interview was her statement, “God conveyed to me, ‘You are responsible for yourself.'” That sounds like a campaign slogan…it’s not…it’s a life perspective with Ms. Piper-Loomis. After listening to her, I believe her story, all of it. From her topsy-turvy ride, she developed a perception of the diseases of culture that have found their way into the government; dishonesty, immorality, deceptions, abuse, and of course, death itself by abortion.

I’m confident that Lynz Piper-Loomis has accepted a calling to bend the road America is traveling. Her life experiences demand that she do so.  Convinced, like so many of us, that the nation sits on the precipice of disaster, Lynz is repeating the prophetic pledge, “Here am I Lord, send me.” She wants to serve, she should serve.

My time with her quickly morphed into a conversation similar to two friends seeking a solution to a family problem. But it was so much more than an ardent political interview. She is an amazing listener…not to words, but meanings. I learned a lot by hearing and understanding her, and I was reminded again of what matters in life and America.

After my time with her, I’m confident she has been beckoned into politics as a servant.  Happily, I completely trust her, and today complete trust is perhaps the rarest of political instincts. But, South Carolina needs help, change, leadership, and a candid Representative who will engage in solutions founded on truth.

It is with honor that I announce that iVoteAmerica and iVoteSouthCarolina have endorsed Lynz Piper-Loomis as South Carolina’s next Congresswoman for District 1.

Please enjoy my interview with South Carolina’s next US House Representative, Kynz Piper-Loomis.

Q: Thanks for allowing iVoteAmerica to talk with you about your campaign. What shaped your life?

LYNZ: This is an important question. Of course, I was born into a beautiful family, but things went wrong. My father forfeited his parental rights to me. From an early age, I sensed God’s presence and gave my life to Christ at the age of 4. On that day, my mother prayed for me. My mother remarried, and the experience wasn’t a good one and didn’t end well.

The key event in my life occurred at the age of twelve, September 19, 1994, 27 years ago. I call it “my alive day.”  My mother and I were returning from a 4H meeting, and our car was hit by another car directly on the driver’s side, killing my mother and me instantly. Thus, I had an encounter that changed my life.

God gave me a choice to come back. I recall moving toward heaven, that my mother would not return, and I would. It was then that I realized I was back and being incubated at the automobile accident scene. Paramedics were trying to drain the fluid around my collapsed lung. I had a brain injury that would take a year to heal, bleeding in my brain, a broken clavicle bone, damage to my heart, liver, lungs, spleen, internal bleeding, broken pelvic bone in two places, and broken ribs.

When I came back to my body, I knew my life would never be the same.  My family remained in a state of dysfunction.  I was cut off from my family who my mother wanted to raise me in her absence.  I almost joined a gang, was broken, and couldn’t comprehend the things that had taken place in my life. In short, I was rejected and even considered suicide.

I ended up in the Foster Care system and was, like so many, trafficked in it. I lost my mother’s inheritance, all of it, to others. I was in and out of many living situations in multiple states. My experiences included being sexually assaulted and the family member was arrested. The system did nothing or me. I got up one morning, grabbed my mother’s bible and some clothes, and left.

Q: So you grew up with a deep sense of abandonment, am I correct?

Yes, that’s correct. At the age of 25, I needed to make a decision about the burden, pain, and agony I was carrying.  The only person affected was me, and I was the only person who could do something about it. People are responsible for their own hearts, and I am responsible for my heart. And I needed to ask myself, do I want to walk around as a victim or do I want to overcome? God taught me to answer the question, “What do  you want to do with  your circumstances? Are you going to allow this to define you?” It was then that I realized I could move forward to the plan God had for my life. That’s my journey. I am happy to say I have been married to my current husband for almost 16 years.

[NOTE: There were some things Ms. Piper-Loomis told me that remain confidential at her request. Let me say she is quite the fighter, and her experiences have equipped her with a keen perception for truth.]

Q: How did you transition into politics?

LYNZ: In a word, Obama. My husband was on active military duty and, due to surgery, became non-deployable. Under Obama’s VA, my husband was threatened with a loss of benefits and care after 16 years of faithful military service. My experience revealed that people were stripped of their rank, literally, because they were injured and no longer deployable. My husband was on the brink of being separated without any benefits or appeals available. He could have stayed in doing deskwork, but they were forcing my husband out. Thanks to Obama, other troops were stripped of their rank for simply being wounded.

I said, “No!”  Actually, forgive my language, but I said, “Hell no!” there is no way I am going to allow my husband to serve his country well, be injured, and ignored. This event confirmed my already deep conviction, since the age of 12, that I needed to be in politics.

After our long battle with the Obama administration’s policies, my husband was finally retired in October 2009. That began my journey of advocating for our military. My husband fell through every crack and hole. It made me wonder about the Vietnam vets and others who have not been able to get the help they need. I wrote to Obama. Our experience forged new relationships. I never got a response from Obama, but we did get response from Wounded Warriors and others. That was the beginning of my working journey into politics. It was people coming together to build a network where there wasn’t one.

Later, in 2017, someone encouraged me to apply to become a Fellow at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation in South Carolina.  I applied and was offered the two-year fellowship by the Foundation and accepted it, serving in 2018-2020.

Last year I started thinking about running for office…here we are. I believe the Founders wanted a citizen-run government. People serve, and they return home. I am a citizen-candidate.

Q:   Let’s move on to the role of government…what is the proper job of government?

LYNZ: Well, our government was founded with the responsibility to serve the people. It’s the call to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. The protection of our right to freedom is at the core of the government’s duties. Its primary function was to protect the nation from enemies that threaten our freedoms, enemies both foreign and domestic.

If you look at communism, that’s what our government is trying to mirror at this moment. It’s a lot of fame, name, pomp, and circumstance…they seem to care more about getting re-elected than serving the people.  The Republic, in the way it was originally intended, is not operating in its designed form. And the only way we can do that is by having a government that the people run, a limited government that allows people to freely worship, assemble, speak, keep and bear arms, the ability of my children to start a business without having to be concerned that someone might be offended and sue them or shut them down over a business decision or something online.


Q: Can you give me two issues facing South Carolina in District 1?

LYNZ:   Absolutely. First, election integrity, transparency, security, and trust. We know from data we have pulled there have been voter duplications, duplicate registrations, and other forms of fraud. We have election issues in my District. We have people who don’t want to vote because they don’t trust the system.

Even Republicans are saying to voters, “Just trust us.” I’m endorsed by Mark Finchem (R-AZ), and I support his digital ballot proposal. I have a prototype of it. We have asked our State to adopt it. People believe their votes were stolen. This isn’t strictly a Republican or Democrat issue.

Secondly, immigration and border security are affecting South Carolina. I have been to the border. I have watched illegals bused in and flown in. The sex trafficking business is going on in South Carolina. We have Democrats telling illegals to move to South Carolina, and they will help get them registered to vote.

Q: You characterize yourself as a principled constitutional conservative. What is that, and what makes you one?

LYNZ:  People that love freedom are conservatives, and they hold freedom as a sacred value. It means more than small government, it means freedom.  You can’t take the sovereign gift of freedom given by God to people.

Q: What was the first car you owned? People like to know! (laughter)

LYNZ:  1991 Dodge Dynasty…oh, the first owned car was a Ford Explorer, emerald green.

Q: What’s your favorite food? This could mean votes!  And above all, do you like Sushi?

LYNZ: Macaroni and cheese. Coffee…but not together!  I love Sushi.  And let me say, I don’t like to cook at all.

Q: Do you remember your first job?

LYNZ:  My first job was at a pharmacy, drug store and boutique. I was 17.

Q: How is the campaign doing at the moment?

LYNZ:  It’s going good. We have some support from people in the GOP who have to show impartiality. The GOP wants to try to control the money and by doing so, the candidates that are allowed to run.

Q: Would you support the dismantling of the Dept of Education?

LYNZ:  Yes, I would. I think school choice is the alternative. The money should follow the child. We are seeing teachers fired and children not in school over mask mandates. Home school pods are an alternative. Families are forming new models. We need to take back education. I home school, my children. While we are fighting school boards, some teachers are not playing along.

Q: Where do you come down on the defund police, law-and-order, rule-of-law issues?

LYNZ: First of all, I back the badge, one hundred percent. Just like anything, there will be rotten eggs. I do not support defunding the police. It’s interesting that after defunding the Chicago police, Mayor Lightfoot is bringing them back. Our city is attempting to defund the police budget and reallocate the money to recreation. It’s wrong and will hurt citizens.

Q: Do you believe you are an America First candidate? Democrats also say they are pro America…??

LYNZ:  Sanctity of life and liberty. Do we want a nation that puts freedom first? Funding transgender studies in Afghanistan isn’t America first.

Q: What role do you think fathers have that is being denied today by this society?

LYNZ:  That’s a complex question. Men have been emasculated by our society, I am at the leading end of the Millennial generation. Fathers are supposed to be a mirror of God, and when that is removed, when children grow up without fathers, they don’t have a relationship with a role model. A father and a mother in a home is the full connection a child needs when growing up. When a child has a whole relationship with a good father and a good mother, children are going to turn out more secure and more able to handle life.

Q: When I say “abortion,” what comes to mind, and what do you believe about abortion?

LYNZ: Murder. I would vote to repeal Roe v. Wade. I do not believe it is appropriate to take the life of the unborn.

Q: What is the last thing you want to say to voters in SC 1?

LYNZ:  The line has been drawn. We are either history makers or not. America first or America last. This is not a Republican or Democrat party issue. We are in an American crisis, and we, the people, are going to take back our Republic with peace, law-and-order using the US constitution and Christian values.

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